May 19, 2010

3 Auto Insurance Riders That Most Drivers Do Not Need

Are you in the market for a new car or truck? Are you searching local car dealerships for a new or used vehicle? No matter where you choose to purchase your new car, you will need to gain an auto insurance quote on any make or model car you think about buying. When considering the monthly cost of a new car, you must figure in auto insurance as a monthly expenditure, as well as potential maintenance on a new or used vehicle.

Buying a new car is filled with decisions, so it is important to create a mental checklist of what you need in a new car and what upgrades and add-ons are nice to have. Do you need a DVD player in your new car or truck with leather or cloth seats? Do you have a specific color in mind for your new vehicle? Car buying is a process starting with searching multiple lots, comparing prices and negotiating the best possible deal for you as a car buyer.

Once you’ve settled on the desired car or truck and have settled on a price you’re willing to pay, you need to purchase auto insurance. Some available auto insurance riders which may be offered aren’t always applicable for every driver. Determining which riders will benefit you and which riders are a waste of money is up to each driver. Available riders include new car premium insurance, alternative transportation benefits and forgiveness for first time, no-fault accidents. Most insurance companies will offer an auto insurance rider for new vehicles which are designed to keep your new car or truck looking new. It will allow for repairs of scrapes and dings which are inevitable with a new vehicle. New car premiums are designed for new model year car purchases. Alternative transportation benefits give a driver a rental car in the event of an accident which isn’t necessary for every car owner. Accident forgiveness coverage only benefits people if they are involved in an accident caused by another driver. The insured may never gain benefits under this type of policy.

Buying a new car causes people to shop for new a car insurance quote. As a new car owner, be careful not to over purchase riders that are costly and which you may never use. Evaluating exactly what you need from your auto insurance quote might be best handled by reviewing your existing policy and keeping the riders you’ve used and not opting for those you find unnecessary. Being smart about which car insurance rider you need will help you manage the cost of your car insurance policy and keep your monthly premiums cost effective for the car buyer.