July 17, 2010

3 Essential Auto Insurance Add Ons For Commuters

These days, it seems that there is a constant visual and audio bombardment from courting insurers that all promise to deliver the most affordable auto insurance plans. While it is true that these companies can sometimes guarantee savings through comparison of basic premiums, these guarantees usually do not extend to add on coverage. For all drivers, and especially commuters, it’s best to request auto insurance quotes from as many insurers as possible and inquire about the proper add on coverage.

Besides long haul truckers, transportation operators, and delivery-based jobs, nobody spends more time on the road every year than the daily commuter. The main difference here being that the commuter is driving their own personal vehicle. The commuters’ vehicle is usually not a company car nor is it typically on loan from a wealthy benefactor who wouldn’t miss it should it become unavailable or inoperable. For these reasons, it is imperative that each and every individual insurance policy should have all the proper coverage, including these add-ons for the commuter.

Comprehensive coverage is one of the most invaluable add-ons that a commuter can elect to add to their policy. Depending upon total policy coverage and the type of car and driver, the rates for comprehensive insurance will vary. Comprehensive will cover just about anything and everything that can happen to your vehicle that doesn’t occur in an accident. Generally, this add-on will cover ‘acts of god’ like storms and hurricanes, theft or vandalism, or fire. Depending on the deductible, comprehensive will also cover the replacement of chipped or cracked windshields, a common occurrence for the commuting vehicle.

Another auto insurance add-on is accident forgiveness coverage. Since insurance claims from automobile accidents will generally result in an increase in premium rates, it can be worth it to plan ahead with accident forgiveness. This will allow the insured to be forgiven for an insurance claim, where the accident will not be counted against the driver, and keep rates lower.

Finally, gap auto insurance coverage should be considered for the commuting driver who still owes money on their vehicle. This is a critical coverage due to the fact that the commuter cannot afford to go without a vehicle. In the event of an accident, this gap coverage will pay out the difference of the actual value of the vehicle and the amount that is still owed on any loan.

There are many types of automobile insurance add-ons that can be added to most policies. For any type of insurance, research should be done in the form of requesting auto insurance quotes from as many potential insurers as possible.