July 13, 2010

3 Essential Auto Insurance Add Ons For Infrequent Drivers

Everyone is looking to lower their auto insurance quotes, but those who drive less might not realize that there are special discounts available for infrequent drivers. These car insurance add ons, which can actually reduce your monthly premium, are a great way to start if you don't drive much and want to lower your auto insurance quote.

The infrequent driver discount is available to motorists who own a car but don't use it often, and who want to reduce their auto insurance quotes. This can include several different types of drivers, including those who live close to their office and those who choose alternative transportation methods. Qualifying for the infrequent driver car insurance add on usually means driving under 6,000 miles a year, although the rules differ from state to state. There are also similar discounts available for students who have a car at home but spend most of the year at school.

Some companies offer a pay as you drive insurance options. Pay as your drive insurance is based on the amount of miles driven per year. The less you drive, the lower your rates will be. Companies will usually require that you submit a monthly odometer reading to ensure that you are accurately reporting your mileage. This plan can save people money on their auto insurance quote, and some drivers will find themselves driving less in order to get the benefits of pay as your drive insurance. Some studies have also indicated that pay as you drive insurance will help to reduce the number of cars on the road, thereby reducing pollution, necessary road repair and helping to reducing the number of accidents.

Another car insurance add on for infrequent drivers is the commuter discount. This discount is given to people who do not drive their car to work. This can include businessmen and women who ride the bus, carpool or ride their bike. This car insurance add on provides a reduced rate because the customer's car is not being used during high traffic times. If you have been thinking of taking the bus to work, this reduction in car insurance premiums can help you save even more money.

Infrequent drivers can save money on gas, auto repairs and on insurance premiums. By selecting the right car insurance add ons, an infrequent driver can get the most out of their effort to drive less. Whether you are an infrequent driver by necessity, you don't like to part downtown or gas is too expensive, or by some other circumstance, you carpool with coworkers or you're frequently away from your vehicle, infrequent driver car insurance add ons will save you money.