August 17, 2009

3 Reasons for Requesting Online Auto Insurance Quotes

Browse rates and compare policies without sales pressure. Save up to 5% annually on one of your staple household bills. Requesting auto insurance rate quotes online isn’t just simply a method, it’s the best method for discovering the most competitive auto insurance premiums available. Why you ask?

Here are the 3 main reasons for requesting auto insurance rates online.

1. Convenience

It’s your time, shop when you want to for the best auto insurance rates available. When requesting online auto insurance quotes, the concept of business hours no longer applies.  All of a sudden 2 a.m. on a Sunday morning is a fine time to seek out the auto insurance quotes that will address your needs. In some cases, customers can receive rates and premiums quotes within minutes of filling out the online application. Although not all are equipped for a near immediate response, a majority of companies guarantee an emailed quote within 24 hours. Furthermore, you can request an auto insurance rate quote without actually having to talk to a person, which allows the decision-making to be pressure-free. Purchasing insurance is a commitment that should not be made under pressure.

2. Efficient Comparison Shopping

Powered by web-technology, requesting an auto insurance premium quote online garners the rates of competing companies, as well as the actual requested rate estimate. Since the process of shopping around is easier than ever, most companies are using the Internet as a forum to contend for your business. Another tool for comparison is the third-party auto insurance collective websites. Utilizing these aggregate websites, you don’t need to shop around; the website does it for you. Filling out one application would garner side-by-side rate comparisons from three to five auto insurance companies.

Whether requesting the information from one company or an aggregate, you have a greater wealth of information readily available than when researching auto insurance rates by telephone. From policy disclosures to liability clauses, all the details are only a click away, making an informed decision easier than ever.

3. Most Companies Pass the Savings Down to You

While convenient for you, requesting online auto insurance premium quotes also requires less human resources on the company’s part, which translates to savings for you. Most online quotes reflect between a five percent (5%) and ten percent (10%) savings. In general, these discounts are only in effect when actually purchasing the auto insurance online. While a lack of sales pressure is one major advantage to requesting the quote online, a sales representative is only a call away. From quote to purchase, being insured can be accomplished without going into an office.

Your time and money are precious commodities that shouldn’t be wasted shopping around for the most competitive auto insurance.