April 15, 2011

3 Things You Should Know About Filing Auto Insurance Claims

Unfortunately, most people have experienced an automobile accident either as a driver or as a passenger during the course of their lifetime. The occurrence can be very unpleasant even when there are no injured parties. Nevertheless, it becomes imperative to remain calm during the crisis because there are many things to do right now. Phone calls to the police and love ones are first priority. Arranging for towing and new transportation is second if the car is destroyed. Finally, to protect against lawsuits locate the auto insurance phone number and understand the three things everyone should know about filing auto insurance claims.

The first thing is to exchange information with all the other drivers. Ask to see their picture identification along with their registration and insurance policy. Carefully compare the names and addresses. If there are any discrepancies, ask them why. Next, record everything that may be pertinent such as account numbers and addresses. Finally, make a recording of the license plates and their expiration dates. Follow the same procedure for all the passengers. Obviously, you do not need to ask them for their auto insurance policy or registration, but you can get their full name and address along with any contact numbers. After these tasks are completed, look around for any witnesses that saw the accident. Get their name and contact information too. Finally, take pictures with your cell phone or camera, but do not forget to receive a full police report.

The second thing to do is to contact your agent. They are experienced at handling auto insurance claims and want to help. Most agents can get the claim initiated immediately. However, if the accident was relatively minor they may be able to handle the repairs right away. This saves a lot of time and stress after an accident. In addition, if the driver opted for car rental insurance the agent can help arrange a loaner car. If not, they can tell their client where to go for a good loaner. The third tip is to make direct contact with the insurance company and tell them everything. Give them all the details about the accident, but also provide them with the recorded information and police report. If anything else is required, give it to them.

A driver can begin to get their life back in order after the insurance claim tasks are complete. This is easier for some folks to do then it is for others. Nevertheless, the worst is over now so take the next steps forward toward getting things normal again. The insurance company and the agent can handle the auto insurance claims from here. They are experts and are on your side.