May 13, 2010

3 Tips For Getting Out Of A High Risk Auto Insurance Group

If your insurance company has labeled you high risk, one or several factors contributed to placing you in this category. Alcohol-related accidents and tickets can usually categorize you as high risk instantly. If you have accumulated multiple speeding tickets or accidents over time, the insurance company may also consider this type of placement – even if you had no fault in the accidents occurring.

If you’ve been placed in a high risk auto insurance group, consider taking the following actions:

Drive Safely

Over time, your insurance company may remove you from your present risk category if you demonstrate a change in driving behavior. Other factors such as age and education level may also contribute to a lower rate and a reconsideration of risk group. This is especially important if you are in a high risk auto insurance group as a result of one reckless driving incident or a hefty amount of tickets in a short time.

Additionally, you should pay any associated tickets and fines promptly. If you have been ordered to perform community service, do so without complaint. The insurance company has the right to request updates on your status after you’ve caused a problem.

Lower Your Mileage

If you don’t drive as often or as far, the insurance company will consider you less of a risk. You can also save money on gas and car repairs if you consider public transportation, carpooling and using designated drivers instead of driving yourself. When your insurance company checks your mileage and finds a decrease, they will likely lower your insurance rate.

As your driving needs change, communicate with your insurance company to identify potential discounts. If you generally have savings in the bank, you may wish to raise the deductible on your car to lower your monthly premium.

Obtain Multiple Auto Insurance Quotes

While demonstrating improvement over time can get you out of that high risk group, it doesn’t help you financially in the immediate future – especially if you have tickets, fines and other bills to pay in addition to your increased monthly premium. Each insurance company defines ‘high risk’ differently, so scour the web for auto insurance quotes. In comparing quotes, you may be able to find a better deal or another insurance company that does not consider you high risk.

As you apply for quotes, take advantage of the other insurance companies’ salesmanship. Explain your grievances or concerns with your present company and ask what the new company might be able to do to save you money instead.

With a careful amount of safe driving over time, communication with your present insurance company and discussion about new rates with potential future companies, you can eventually get yourself into a standard risk category.