April 5, 2012

3 Types Of Vehicles That Lead To Low Online Auto Insurance Quotes

The ability to obtain online auto insurance quotes has made it easier and less time consuming for customers to find what they need. The competitive aspect of online marketing makes it necessary for insurers to trot out their best prices and deals. Insurance companies must also detail the benefits of selecting auto insurance coverage from them. Potential clients can add to their buying power by presenting a pristine driving record. Insuring an automobile that insurance companies regard as a safer model is another money saver.

Regardless of which new car is purchased, it is prudent to add auto insurance coverage into the total cost. Pay cash or buy with a car loan; either way, the overall price necessarily includes insurance. Certain types of automobiles attract favorable insurance quotes. Insurers will charge less for coverage that applies to these cars. In some cases, the savings can be considerable.

Cars rated in crash tests as safe will normally get preferred insurance rates. While there are many differences in makes and models, cars that have performed well in crash tests are not stolen as often as more sporty vehicles. Cars like the Jeep Wrangler, with its rugged construction, do well in the tests. Cars of this sort are among the least expensive to insure and routinely maintain.

A car's age can have an impact on its online auto insurance quotes. A new automobile demands higher premiums because repairs and parts are also new. Older model sedans with a proven pedigree, like the Chevrolet Venture, are considered safe by insurers and can draw lower insurance costs. Don't shy away from buying a red car or any other color. It is a myth that brightly colored cars bring on higher insurance prices. There is some slight increase in premiums for cars with pearly or metallic paint jobs.

Cars with four-wheel drive do have higher insurance costs because of their repair and parts complexities. That is balanced somewhat because SUVs and trucks aren't stolen as often as other vehicles. Diesel-powered autos and trucks are also considered more complex when it comes to making repairs. Insurance costs can also be kept lower by not buying sporty models. Smaller, faster cars routinely get higher insurance prices. They also have more appeal to thieves.

Family cars — those preferred by soccer moms — score well with insurance companies. These include medium-to-large sedans, midsize SUVs and minivans. The Ford Taurus exemplifies this car category. It is medium size, easily fits into most family budgets and is far less prone to be stolen. Different models of the same car can affect insurance rates. Any convertible will cost more than its hardtop model. That also means higher insurance premiums.