November 10, 2011

3 Ways To Fight Rising Auto Insurance Costs

Rising insurance costs are a problem for many drivers, as auto insurance is an absolutely essential product. It's illegal and dangerous to drive without insurance, yet as the United States economy continues to struggle, drivers are paying a higher percentage of their incomes for their insurance policies. Insurance costs are rising for a number of reasons, including a growing list of punishable traffic offenses thanks to new distracted driving laws and less available credit for insurance companies. The bottom line is that drivers need a way to keep their insurance costs low in order to stay on the road, and fortunately, there are still a large number of ways to get insurance discounts and to compare rates throughout the course of a policy to avoid rising premiums.

One of the most effective ways to avoid rising insurance costs is simply to actively monitor the cost of insurance. Drivers should look for insurance quotes every few months in order to avoid overpaying, as auto insurance costs can change frequently for a number of reasons. Checking insurance costs online will allow a driver to see how his or her policy compares to other options from major auto insurance providers, and in many cases, this means a quick, simple way to avoid rising insurance costs. However, it's important to check that each quote is for a similar amount of coverage when making comparisons, as cutting coverage to save on monthly auto insurance premiums should be a last resort.

Insurance discounts are another way to keep costs down. Discount programs vary by insurance provider, but many insurers offer discounts for safe drivers, good students and homeowners. Drivers should check with their insurance providers and find out whether any discounts might already apply to their policies. Most insurance companies will also allow drivers to take driving courses or pursue other means of improving their driving records, which usually yields a significant discount of 20% or more.

Finally, drivers can cut coverage, although as mentioned earlier, this should only be considered after all other options have been exhausted. Still, some drivers buy too much car insurance and can afford to cut coverage. Drivers who don't spend much time on the road can scale back on liability coverage and drivers who have inexpensive vehicles might consider cutting back on collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Raising deductibles is another option, although deductibles should still be kept at an affordable level. Drivers who can choose appropriate coverage, compare insurance rates and look for discounts on a regular basis, will be able to avoid the rising costs of insurance without losing the coverage that they need to stay protected on the road.