September 27, 2010

4 Things To Avoid When Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes Online

Comparing auto insurance companies is a financially healthy thing to do, and finding quotes online just makes everything easier. The reason is that information can be found in a quicker period by doing a few searches. Unfortunately, there is a downside to comparing auto insurance providers, so there are four things everyone should avoid when finding quotes online.

The first thing to avoid when finding quotes online is giving unnecessary information. A legitimate insurance provider knows that there are only a few pertinent questions that need to be asked, and that someone who is asking for a quote is probably comparing auto insurance companies to determine which provider will best suit his or her needs. Sometimes when finding quotes online, there are parties with sinister motives eliciting personal information. Posing as an insurance provider would provide a comfort level for giving unnecessary information in exchange for an insurance quote. These details can then be used by these scam artists for unsuitable means.

The second thing to avoid is offers in the spam file of email. Finding quotes online is easy enough for comparing auto insurance quotes without opening up randomly sent offers. Spam insurance might as well be called scam insurance with as many complaints of people sending in insurance premiums, but when it's time to file a claim, these companies don't really exist. The acceptable method for sending offers for car insurance is only when they are solicited by the petitioning party.

The third thing to avoid when finding quotes online is insurance companies with high complaint volume. Sometimes when getting quotes online, people forget that there is a real tangible world that insurance companies must submit to. Insurance companies are regulated at the state level, so most states have a public access site available where complaint history can be viewed. Comparing auto insurance providers that have like quotes can be differentiated by a complaint history. Inability to keep current customers satisfied is a sign that future customers won't be satisfied.

The fourth thing to avoid when finding quotes online is providers with lower financial ratings as reported by a rating agency. The reason behind this is that insurance providers are expected to pay financial burdens when there is a claim. If the company is in financial stress, they will be in a position where they'll want to pay less for claims because they can't afford fair prices.

Finding quotes online is a quick and easy way to find out how much it will cost to insure someone. There is more to comparing auto insurance than just the insurance premiums. By avoiding these four things when finding auto insurance online, the risk factor during a vulnerable time is lessened.