October 20, 2009

AAA Lincoln Offers $10 Gas Card With The Request Of An Auto Insurance Quote

Many consumers are looking for ways to reduce their spending in this economy, to the point where even necessary expenses are an issue. Everyone gets busy, and shopping for updated auto insurance can be considered an inconvenience. However, AAA Lincoln is rewarding potential customers and policyholders with an incentive to review their auto insurance options. During the month of October, AAA Lincoln will make the effort worthwhile by offering a $10.00 gas card to any car owner who will visit their office and get an auto insurance quote. Consumers are not obligated to purchase coverage from AAA in order to receive the $10.00 gas card.

As gas prices continue to increase what better incentive to encourage drivers to seek a better rate for their policies? This campaign is directed at new AAA customers, but existing AAA Lincoln insured customers are not left out of the promotion. Referrals for auto or property insurance quotes pay off for these customers. Each referral for an auto insurance quote will reward loyal customers with a $10.00 gas card. And, if a policy is sold as a result of the referral, AAA Lincoln will send an additional $20.00 gas card to the referring party. This incentive can help consumers save money at a time when they need it the most, and it helps put a little back in their gas tanks as well.

AAA is proud of their position as America's most trusted auto club all around the nation. Top-notch property and auto insurance is a major part of the AAA package and members are encouraged to take advantage of all their benefits. For example, AAA California offers its members time- and money-saving benefits like emergency roadside assistance, expert travel planning, auto buying counseling and service at certified auto repair shops. Getting the most for your money is important to all American at this time. And, because most people are watching every penny, regardless of holding AAA coverage or not, they should run a check up on their auto insurance coverage to be certain that they are getting the best rates. Knowing that you have a good insurance policy in place provides for financial security.

AAA has a good product to offer and the gas card incentive is designed to spread the word. Given the opportunity AAA agents can offer great expertise to help consumers choose the right coverage to meet their individual needs at the best possible rate. The most important thing car owners get is not the $10.00 gas card, it is the peace of mind they gain in knowing that their coverage is up to date, appropriate and available at a fair and reasonable cost.