August 19, 2017

Adding A Spouse To An Auto Insurance Policy

Getting married is a joyous but often stressful time in a couple’s life together. Weddings can be expensive, wedding planning is often exhausting, and after the wedding, there are piles of thank you notes to write. One wedding related task that many individuals fail to complete is combing insurance policies. Because many auto insurance providers give married couples discounts, recently married people should look into their new insurance options right away, so that they can take full advantage of the savings. All newlyweds should consider adding their spouse to their auto insurance policy. Before they do so, however, there are a few issues they should consider. Here are some tips to help recently married individuals decide whether or not they change their individual insurance plans to a joint policy.

First of all, individuals who have recently gotten married should find out how adding their spouse will affect their insurance policy rates. Although many insurance companies give discounts to married couples, not all of them do. Additionally, if a person’s spouse has a high-powered vehicle or several moving violations, their driving record could make them an expensive addition to the auto policy. If both partners have insurance plans already, they should call their provider and find out how much it would cost to add their spouse. Of course, the cheapest policy is not always the best. Couples should evaluate both policies and consider benefits, customer service, and deductibles before making their decision.

Although individuals should check the rates of their current provider, this is also a good time to compare rates from other companies as well. All drivers would be well advised to periodically shop around to make sure that they are getting the best price on car insurance. Because insurance rates are based on factors such as place of residency and type of vehicle, this comparison shopping should be done after every move or new car purchase. Although comparing rates does take some time, some companies offer quotes through their websites. This can make the comparison process much less time consuming. Once a couple gets a few rates, they will be able to make a more informed decision about which car insurance provider they should select.

Typically, adding a spouse to an insurance plan is a straightforward process. This can usually be done in person or over the phone. If an insurance company has a sophisticated website, couples might even be able to complete enrollment online. Depending on the insurance company, the couple may need to submit proof of their union. Couples should ask what paperwork they will need to file in order to complete the process. Once an individual adds their spouse to their insurance policy, they can relax and enjoy married life together.