June 4, 2010

Auto Insurance Discounts For Military Members

Auto insurance discounts may be available from many companies for active duty military members. It is important to ask about such discounts when requesting an auto insurance quote. As a military member, you are entitled to be recognized for your service to your country and to take advantage of any assistance available to you and your family. However, do not assume that the best deal will always be with a company that offers auto insurance discounts for military members.

To their credit, some companies offer discounts to military members. However, some companies do not, even though they may have a good reputation of working with service members and their families. These companies prefer to keep their rates lower than their competitors, so the discount is essentially built into the price from the start. Other companies may not offer specific auto insurance discounts for the military, but may have lower rates for areas near military bases.

The best advice for military members is to request an auto insurance quote from several different companies, asking them to include any military discount, if offered. Compare the companies for their responsiveness to the needs of military members. (You can ask co-workers about their experiences with their own auto insurers, or you can do some research on the Internet about the various companies that provided you with an auto insurance quote.) Then, compare the quoted prices. When you do this, do not simply look at the bottom-line price, but make sure you are comparing prices for policies that have the same type of coverage. Make sure you are always comparing policies with the same types of deductibles, tort limitations, and collision coverage. The lowest premium policy may look good on paper; however, a slightly higher monthly premium may actually make sense if the deductible after an accident is much lower.

When requesting an auto insurance quote, remember to ask the company how it will help you if and when you are deployed overseas. If you are going to store your car during a deployment, it is essential that you keep it insured during this period of time. Your car can still be damaged while in storage, and canceling your policy while deployed could make it more difficult for you to get a new policy when you come back. A good company will work with you to retain your coverage while on deployment.

As a military member, you deserve to be recognized for your service, and one possible way of doing that is for a company to offer you an auto insurance discount. However, such a discount should never be the only reason for choosing the company to insure your vehicle.