January 20, 2010

Is Auto Repair Insurance Included In My Regular Auto Insurance

Auto repair insurance is not that same as your regular auto insurance. While regular auto insurance covers damage to a car due to an accident or road hazard, repair insurance is for mechanical failures. Many people with used cars have no idea they could be protecting themselves from large out-of-pocket expenses by purchasing auto repair insurance. Coverage for car repairs is helpful for anyone with a car with an expired warrantee. Many agents can tell you what a policy would cost at they same time they give you an auto insurance quote. Because coverage for repairs is not included with other auto insurance coverages, a policy must be purchased separately. The policy is an agreement that lasts for a specified time period and covers certain major repairs.

The repair items covered can be different from one company to the next. Make sure you ask questions to find out exactly what is covered in a policy. Most repair policies will pay for car breakdowns as well as for wear and tear- items that are excluded on a standard automobile policy. But there are some companies that will only pay for breakdowns when a part actually breaks. When this happens, drivers should also consider getting an additional policy for wear and tear or look for a company that will cover both types of repairs. Other policies only cover parts of the car where there is oil like the engine and transmission. While very affordable, these plans only cover a small portion of the kinds of car repairs drivers may need coverage for.

Some companies offer a bumper-to-bumper policy that covers just about anything that can break on a car. Any excluded repairs are specifically listed in the policy. Excluded items often include parts that require periodic replacement like brake pads and wiper blades. Many will not cover total losses that occur because a car overheats from a radiator problem. These policies are the most expensive type of car repair coverage, but they can be a great help to those who cannot shell out big bucks for a car repair on short notice. By paying a monthly insurance premium that lies within your budget, you can regulate your expenses and be protected from repairs that could break the bank.

Auto repair insurance gets more expensive as the car increases in mileage. Most policies will not cover cars with more than 100,000 miles on them. The higher the mileage, the more a policy will cost. Still, repair policies can help you with the resale value of your car if they are transferable and may help pay for themselves through the money you get back in selling your car.