February 16, 2011

Backup Cameras And How They Impact Auto Insurance Quotes

Technological innovations like airbags and anti-lock brakes have massively decreased the potential of car insurance accidents for millions of drivers. One of the newer innovations is the backup camera, which is exactly what it sounds like - a camera that displays a live video feed of the view from the back of a car for the driver to use when backing out or parking. The devices can be very convenient, and more important is for many drivers is the backup camera insurance effect. Installing a backup camera can yield a much lower auto insurance quote in certain circumstances.

This is due to the fact that auto insurance companies recognize backup cameras as a valid way to avoid accidents. Some auto insurance companies may offer a special discount to drivers with certain safety features installed on their vehicles. This can include backup cameras, although the exact details of safety discounts (and whether they're offered at all) depend on the policy of your car insurance company. If you're thinking about having a backup camera installed, you can contact your insurance company to ask whether a discount is offered. Even if your insurer doesn't offer a discount, a backup camera may still decrease your car insurance rates simply by decreasing the chances of an accident. Backup cameras have been shown to be very effective at preventing minor fender benders, and they're especially important for families with small children, as they can help to avoid tragic driveway accidents.

In fact, backup cameras are so effective that in 2014, they'll be required. All new vehicles will have backup cameras installed thanks to a new law that auto insurance companies backed fervently. This may decrease the backup camera insurance effect, as insurance companies are unlikely to offer a discount for something that will be included as a standard feature in vehicles. Nevertheless, the measure will likely lead to fewer accidents overall, which may mean a lower auto insurance quote for drivers across the United States.

If you're interested in the safety of your vehicle and in keeping your auto insurance quote low, ask your insurer what you can do. Many insurance companies will issue discounts for things like passenger airbags in addition to backup cameras, and drivers can take advantage of discount programs to greatly decrease their costs. Even if your insurer doesn't have any information or an official policy about backup cameras, it may be worth your time to consider installing one. You'll lower the risk of an accident, keeping yourself, your family, and your vehicle safe, and you'll avoid any nasty jumps in your auto insurance quote in the future.