April 30, 2009

Driving an Exotic Car & Insurance

Most of us have certain “dream cars” that we would love to own or drive at some point in our lives. For me, it would have to be a Lamborghini Gallardo or old school Ferrari Testarossa. Lucky for me, there are many services that offer exotic car rental – so one day I could head to Europe and have a Lambo delivered to me for a few days of driving debauchery on the AutoBahn in Germany. The costs for renting an exotic car per day in Europe range from $2k-$10k+, but here’s the catch. In addition to that fee, you have to typically pre-pay around $25k as a deposit as well as insurance fees. Keep in mind the deductible could be as high as $5-$10k or more!

In the U.S., it is an easier process. Most people that have been to the Vegas strip have seen the many exotic car rental shops in between the Bellagio and Mandalay Bay. Costs for exotic car rental there start as low as $400-$500 per hour of pure unadulterated fun. On top of that, you can simply use your existing auto insurance policy to cover you while driving. Keep in mind that you should review the deductible on your policy as well as personal injury and property damage limitations. It is always a good idea to run the idea by your car insurance company before dropping a lot of money to put your financial and physical future at risk while speeding through the Nevada desert. In addition to watching out for auto insurance issues, make sure to watch out for “the fuzz”. Last time I was there, I saw speed traps set right outside of the main city area as the desert roads open up for miles and miles. Getting a speeding ticket would be a terrible start to living out one of your life dreams!