June 17, 2009

Car Insurance for Modified Cars

When you bought your car, others may have just seen a regular car. But when you looked at it, you saw potential and a project to make it run or look better. Some people change the intake or exhaust to make it more efficient while others add shiny rims or tint the windows. Whether you are looking to upgrade the performance or just make it look better, there is no denying that your car has changed for the better since you bought it. The downside to that is you may need special auto insurance to cover the new additions to your car.

A regular policy will not cover all your car’s add-ons and may only cover an automobile with standard and stock parts. Depending on what changes and parts you’ve added to your car, you may actually qualify for a discount on your policy. But more often than not, add-ons mean you will have to pay more for your policy. Auto insurance companies assume that because you have made these modifications to your car, you have the intent to go street racing or use your car for more than just a commute. This causes insurance to go because street racing is dangerous and you increase the likelihood of accidents.

Some discounts you may receive generally apply to modifications that make your car safer and less likely to get stolen. Modifications like an alarm system, additional air bags and fitting lock wheel nuts can cut some corners on your policy. If you want to save more, consider taking a defensive or safe driver’s course. If your auto insurance company sees that you have passed the course then they will cut you a break on your policy.

Unfortunately, major body modifications and engine modifications are going to raise your insurance rate. They consider this to mean that you are much more prone to accidents and theft. What can you do to make sure you get the best coverage for modified cards? Make sure you surf the internet! There are a variety of websites that offer auto insurance quotes free of charge. Don’t forget to tell your insurance company about all the modifications you have made. If you should get into an accident and the company discovers that you have undisclosed changes and modifications, they can actually void your insurance policy leaving you in a bind. No one wants this to happen to them so make sure you inform them of any changes you make even after the policy is set. This includes even the smallest modifications that change anything from how it runs to how it looks.