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The fact is, just like any other company, auto insurance companies need to make a profit. We also know that their bottom line is dictated by policy sales to people who are low-risk. While the odds are in the favor of auto insurance companies because the majority of are not making expensive claims, there are a few things that you can do to even out the odds. By becoming and informed shopper and heeding these tips, you can ensure that you will get the most bang for your buck with a quality, affordable car insurance plan.

Look for Low Auto Insurance Rates with the Less Recognized.

While you can find cheap premiums with large firms, some of the most cost-effective rates can be found with online car insurance companies who are less recognized. While they may not offer some of the deluxe perks such as roadside assistance or reimbursement car rentals, smaller auto insurance companies keep their rates low in order to compete with larger firms. Keep in mind, while larger auto insurance companies make it seem as if they are offering you great extras, all of these services are included in the cost – so you are paying for them either way. If you are trying to cut the cost of your premiums, consider requesting that your insurer remove any of these additions and you may find that your rate decreases noticeably.

Don‘t Discount Credit

Analyze your credit rating. It is true that your credit can impact your car insurance rates. The reason is, bad credit is considered one of the factors in a high-risk investment. So, if you have bad credit – beware. It may be more difficult for you to get affordable car insurance. Get your credit in order and your rates may be lowered substantially.

Capitalize with Competitive Auto Insurance Rates

Once or twice annually, auto insurance companies drop their rates in a competition to try and win new client. While these competitive rates are not usually highly advertised, you can capitalize during specific times during the year by making good use of these lowered car insurance premiums. Keep your eyes peeled during seasons where car sales are at their peek, particularly mid-summer and again in the later part of December. It is during these seasons that car dealerships are laboring to move stock – and auto insurance companies are just waiting to get a piece of the action. Fish around for affordable car insurance estimates during these periods and you just may catch a great deal on auto insurance rates.

Be a Conscientious Consumer.

You don‘t necessarily have to switch auto insurance companies in order to save money. Paying your premium annually, instead of only a portion per quarter, will save you dollars. Many auto insurance companies charge between five and ten dollars per bill, which means you could be paying up to $40 more per year if you pay quarterly. Furthermore, as a general rule, auto insurance companies increase premiums on an average of two times annually. When you pay annually, you will forgo this hike and save a few more dollars. Also, ask your insurer what kinds of bargains they offer. You could be eligible for savings up to 20 percent if you take a course for defensive driving. And finally, make periodic inquiries for rates from auto insurance companies to be sure you are getting the most affordable car insurance rate.

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