July 1, 2010

How Multiple Drivers on an Auto Policy Can Affect the Quote

Auto insurance quotes can be affected for many reasons. Some of these include driver record history, age of the driver, residential address and multiple drivers. The reasons stated can either affect quotes either negatively or positively. Depending on all these factors, premium prices can be higher or lower and may or may not include a deposit.

Negative Effects of Multiple Drivers

When multiple drivers consider coverage in an insurance plan, the driver’s record and age can be a factor to determine an auto insurance quote. When the driver has a poor driving record which includes tickets and automobile accidents, the insurance premiums will be higher. If more than one driver has accidents and tickets, this can make the auto insurance quote high. The insurance company might require a hefty deposit as well as higher premiums. The age of a driver will affect the quote. Young and inexperienced drivers are sometimes considered a risk and may be asked to pay a bit more. However, over time, with a clean driving record established, the premiums will drop. If multiple drivers live in areas with crime and risky weather, this affects the quotes. These areas present a higher risk for theft and damage to the vehicles. Getting insurance as a group does come with a price. If one member of a multiple policy gets consistent tickets or an accident, the entire group premiums may rise. It is necessary to weigh the costs when getting an auto insurance quote. Make sure you are aware of the driving record of each driver before deciding to be part of a group insurance plan.

Positive Effects of Multiple Drivers

Auto insurance quotes can also be drastically lowered because of having multiple drivers on a policy. Often, insurance companies will offer substantial benefits and discounts to a policy that has more than one driver. The longer the drivers go without any blemishes on their driving record, the deeper the discounts. This would include not only multiple drivers on the policy but multiple vehicles too. This adds up to quite a large discount for the entire group. Getting a quote online is efficient because you are able to compare various insurance quotes and plans. Insurance coverage can be procured immediately by filling out the application online and printing the policy and coverage. Each year that a policy is in honorable standing, it could lead to even deeper discounts for the entire group. It is a proficient idea to get more than one auto insurance quote on multiple drivers. Some insurance companies may offer a higher discount than others. Always ask plenty of questions and be thorough about understanding the policy you wish to purchase.