July 1, 2010

Three Ways for a New Driver to Find Reasonable Auto Insurance Quotes

New drivers usually receive high auto insurance quotes. This is because of their inexperience; according to car insurance company actuarial tables, newer drivers tend to be involved in a higher number of accidents than more experienced drivers. Since car insurance costs are largely determined by statistics, new drivers pay big. However, with a few tips, it’s possible for new drivers to find reasonable rates on car insurance.

Insurance companies like clients who take steps to decrease their risks, so new drivers should start by taking any classes or driving courses recommended by their insurers. These classes are very inexpensive, and can make a massive difference on auto insurance quotes. They have a major affect on any driver’s chances of being involved in an accident. Always remember, the lower the chances of a claim, the lower a driver’s auto insurance quotes will be. New drivers should also try to drive a safe vehicle. Vehicles with high safety ratings tend to be driven more responsibly, and every car insurance company is well aware of this fact. When claims are made on safer vehicles, they tend to be lower, at least where medical coverage is involved. If a new driver already has a car to drive, it’s sometimes worthwhile to add in safety features and anti-theft devices, as insurance companies will usually reward these drivers with special discounts.

Note where your car is parked. Cars that are parked in unsafe locations are subject to a high number of auto insurance claims. The best place to park your car is in a covered, locked garage or parking lot. If you must park your vehicle on the street, keep it locked and in as safe of an area as possible. New drivers often neglect to lock their vehicles, which lead to increased rates of auto theft and higher rates. Cars that are parked in safe locations are often subject to special insurance discounts.

A driver’s record is by no means the only factor involved in auto insurance quotes, and even new drivers can cut their rates drastically by taking some of those other factors into account. Talk to your insurance agent for additional tips, and take a common sense approach to your car insurance policy; don’t decrease your coverage levels or raise your deductibles unless it’s absolutely necessary, as this can put you in danger, especially when you’re driving for the first time. Thinking about your car insurance policy when looking for quotes is extremely important to keeping a protective and safe policy, and you can save large amounts of money with the right approach.