September 2, 2010

How To Maximize Auto Insurance Coverage Policies For Family Members

Insurance policies are not created simply to insure one person and one person only; they can be designed to cover multiple parties in one succinct policy. When you keep your auto insurance coverage with the same insurance company, you are increasing the odds of getting good discounts that will make your policy even cheaper. This should be an incentive to try and lump your family together and save money for everyone by using the same insurance company. The question then becomes: what types of discounts are given for families on auto insurance coverage?

First, you can get a discount for your family on auto insurance coverage by simply adding multiple vehicles to the one insurance policy. Auto insurance companies will give multiple vehicle discounts in hopes of encouraging families to come over to their insurance company for a cheaper rate. This works for many companies because the family then recommends the service to other families and eventually the car insurance company is booming.

Families can also get a good discount on car insurance policies by transferring their homeowners insurance to the same company that insures their vehicle. In many instances, the insurance company will give you a discount on your auto insurance because your homeowners insurance will be paid through your escrow on your mortgage. By saving on your auto insurance coverage, you get to see the impact of the discount immediately. This is a great secret of the auto insurance industry.

Finally, many car insurance companies will give discounts for college educated people that are referred to simply as the “education” discount. This isn’t where this type of discount ends because many companies will give discounts for being a student at the time of the policy’s inception. If you have a degree and your child is in school, you could possibly get two different discounts. And even though the education discount is generally for one person being educated, the entire policy will get the discount. This happens regardless of whether anyone else in the family has a college degree.

As you can see, auto insurance coverage affects you in many ways beyond simply the filing of claims. Instead, insurance policies that have more people and more cars will generally get a good discount from the car insurance company of their choice. If you are unsure if your auto insurance coverage is sufficient, you should contact your local agent to see if he or she can recommend some changes to be made. Not improving your situation is like throwing away money, especially when you don’t look for all of the available discounts for your family.