September 14, 2010

How Insurance Agents Advertise Services Through Auto Insurance Quotes

Insurance agents use online auto insurance quotes as a platform to advertise various additional services that they are able to add to your policy. This method is commonly used by all of the big name insurance companies that you see advertising on television. An example of this is while going through the steps of some auto insurance quotes from certain companies, they will offer to enroll you in a program which provides you with a hand-held computerized monitoring device. This device is similar in appearance to a GPS device and it is used to accurately measure how much you drive. The data compiled by the tracking system will then be used to determine how much you pay for your insurance in the long run. This additional service is usually not requested by most people who are looking for auto insurance quotes. But insurance agents are able to recruit people into the program by offering this service in a standard online quote presentation.

Since more people than ever have decided to get their car insurance through an online website, many companies will knock off an additional $50 or more for signing up online. These days most websites have programs which ask you for some basic personal information like your address, phone number, whether you rent or own your home, and the number of years that you have lived at your residence. These websites are generally very user friendly. If you have any questions you are given the option to chat live with an agent or call in and speak to someone over the phone. Your quote is then provided based on the information you enter about your driving record and vehicle. Insurance agents may incorporate methods of getting more people to sign up for addition coverage and extra features like collision coverage, roadside assistance, comprehensive coverage, and rental reimbursement. It is also common practice for agents to throw in offers for added incentives and discounts for things like having a vehicle with an anti-theft device. A good student discount is also a commonly offered benefit among insurance agents.

It is important to shop around and find the insurance company that offers you the incentives that will benefit you the most. With the rapid advances of high speed internet, it is easy to get three insurance quotes in one hour. Insurance agents are always there right by your side and can sometimes offer you too much by throwing in unexpected features into your plan. It is important to know the exact amount of coverage you need so that you can eliminate any excess that is considered to be a waste of your hard earned dollars.