September 16, 2010

How To Obtain Auto Insurance For Rarely Driven Cars

Some drivers only own cars for special occasions, for traveling long distance, or for seasonal business. For these drivers, the cost of car insurance can often seem too high–after all, what’s the point of car insurance when a vehicle usually sits in a garage? However, many car insurance companies offer special programs for rarely driven cars, and finding one of these low-cost auto insurance policies can save a lot of money for infrequent drivers.

The first step is to determine whether there are specific times of year that you use your vehicle. This is usually the case if you have a seasonal business, if you only use your car in cold winters, for example. If you do use your car during specific seasons, call your car insurance company and ask whether they offer seasonal car insurance. Seasonal car insurance policies cost much less than standard car insurance policies, and they don’t result in a lapse of coverage for your vehicle; during your “off” seasons, your seasonal car insurance coverage will automatically decrease. This means that it’s a bad idea to drive the vehicle during these period of low insurance coverage, but if you do absolutely need to drive, you’ll at least having the minimal insurance coverages required by your state’s insurance laws. Seasonal car insurance is a great way to save money while keeping your car protected.

If your car insurance company doesn’t offer seasonal insurance, or if you don’t drive your car according to the season, you can ask about low mileage discounts. These aren’t offered by every car insurance company, but when they’re available, they can make a big difference in your car insurance rates. Insurance companies will verify your mileage through a variety of methods, including odometer readings, so be prepared for this. Some states like California even allow insurance companies to use digital odometers for per-mile auto insurance, although these programs haven’t been introduced to the general public as of the date of this article. In any case, discussing your low mileage with your car insurance agent will likely yield some very positive results.

There may be other ways to insure rarely driven cars without paying full premiums, so talk to your agent as soon as possible. Try to gather car odometer readings or other data that can you can use to prove that the car isn’t driven very often. When you look online for car insurance quotes, you should always ask insurers about their discounts for rarely driven cars. The difference in rates can be enormous, and there’s no reason to pay for extra insurance that you don’t need.