September 28, 2010

Finding The Dependability Of An Auto Insurance Provider

A car insurance policy is only worth its monthly premiums if you can actually get money from the insurer when you submit a claim. Unfortunately, drivers all over the United States submit thousands of denied claims every year, and in many cases, policy holders are shocked by the behavior of their insurers. In order to find dependable auto insurance, it’s important to carefully read every quote that you receive and to evaluate each auto insurance provider.

Reading a policy to find the dependability of your auto insurance policy is actually fairly easy, although the language in your contract can be somewhat complex at times. Be sure to carefully read the description of each type of coverage that you’re paying for. Find out what types of damages are covered. A good policy should provide liability coverage, personal injury protection, collision insurance and comprehensive coverage. If your policy is missing any of these coverage types, it’s a good idea to reevaluate it. You should also check the exclusions section of your car insurance policy. This section details situations in which an auto insurance provider might decide to deny a claim. For instance, an insurance provider may refuse to pay a claim if the driver was engaged in illegal activity during an accident, or if negligence to regular vehicle maintenance led to an incident. Reading about exclusions can provide a great overall idea of the dependability and value of your car insurance policy.

You should also investigate your auto insurance provider. Look up customer reviews of the company, and check its record with organizations like the Better Business Bureau. Don’t do business with any insurance provider that has a history of serious complaints, and take the overall customer rating of the company into consideration before you decide to buy a policy. Remember, in order to find dependable auto insurance, you should only do business with reputable insurance companies.

If you file a claim with your insurance company and it’s unfairly denied, you can report the insurance provider to your state’s insurance commission. Filing a complaint will result in an investigation, and if the insurer is unfairly preventing you from receiving a payout on a claim, the decision may be reversed and the company may be ordered to pay you. Disreputable insurance providers can lose their licenses in some states, and most car insurance companies that you’ll find online work well within state and federal law. Still, a bit of early research will help you make sure that you’re buying a reputable auto insurance policy that provides the right level of protection for your money.