January 5, 2011

How To Save Money Without Sacrificing Coverage On Auto Insurance

As a practical consumer, you only want to get the best possible deal when it comes to your car insurance therefore, getting cheap auto insurance rates is very important. The amount of money you pay for car insurance and its type of coverage is dependent on several factors. Being knowledgeable of such factors will help you save money on auto insurance rates without sacrificing coverage.

One of the key factors that will influence the auto insurance rates you will have to pay will be the deductible. When purchasing car insurance, the amount of deductible you choose will impact the monthly premium and correspondingly, your resultant coverage. A high deductible would mean a lower monthly payment but less coverage. The reverse applies as well. A low deductible would mean a higher monthly premium; however, your outlay for filing an insurance claim will be lower.

A good driving record is another factor that plays a huge role in finding cheap auto insurance. Drive carefully. Many drivers do not realize that minor violations such as a speeding ticket may increase your insurance. Any blemish on your driving record can be a red flag for car insurers. If you have incurred speeding tickets, you may take driving or traffic courses to prevent your insurance rates from going up. Be a safe and cautious driver for your own sake and also, for car insurance savings. Inquire about discounts for safe drivers and loyal customers. Most car insurance companies offer special incentives for safety and loyalty so ask around for such deals.

Another factor would be the safety of your car. If you want to make huge savings on car insurance, you will need a safe car. This means you will have to choose a vehicle that is not too sporty or fancy, and something equipped with safety features. The safer your vehicle, the lower your auto insurance rates will be.

Safe storage for your car will also impact your rates. Parking your car inside your garage instead of the street will lower your insurance rates. Coupled with the installation of safety features such as anti-theft devices, rates will be pushed down all the more.

A money-saving strategy you could employ would be to combine policies. If you own a home insurance policy or multiple car insurance policies, combine them if you can. Placing policies together should warrant you a discount.

The internet has definitely become the ideal venue for finding the most affordable rates with the types of coverage you need. Comparison shopping online allows you to instantly find the best rates from multiple companies thereby speeding up your search process. More importantly, it can be done form the comfort and convenience of your home.