February 6, 2011

Saving Money On Your Child’s Auto Insurance Rates At School

Do you have a college student that you insure on your auto insurance or are you checking auto insurance rates for students? Would you like to lower your student insurance rates? Cheap auto insurance rates are difficult to find, but you can obtain several online rate quotes in a relatively short time. You can also inquire about available discounts. College students are among some of the most difficult to get cheap auto insurance for. But there are some things you can do to lower your rates.

The type of vehicle your student drives can have an impact on the rate of your insurance. Being aware of this can help you get a cheaper rate as you determine what car your student will drive. You would not want to send your child away to school with an expensive sports car if you are seeking lower auto insurance rates.

Some college campuses have car rental plans on campus because they recognize that students often do not have a car with them at school and may need to have access to a vehicle while away from home. It may be cheaper in the long run to use this option than to carry your student on your own policy if they are away without a vehicle and their college campus has a program such as this. The students can get the insurance coverage with the rental. One drawback to this idea is the chance of the student borrowing a car from a friend and not being insured.

Most auto insurance companies offer a student away rate for those students that are away from home without a vehicle but still need to be covered on auto insurance. This can provide a substantial savings. If your carrier does not offer this discount or it is not very good, check around with other carriers to see what their rates are.

Another way to lower your auto insurance rates for your students is to get good student discounts. If your child maintains adequate grades, all you need to do is supply your insurance carrier with a copy of the latest report card each time your policy is up for renewal. Most insurance companies offer good student discounts.

Finally, an easy and obvious way to obtain lower rates is to maintain an excellent driving record. You can get cheap auto insurance if your record is free of tickets and accidents. A defensive driving course can often get a ticket dismissed if you have not taken a course in the previous three years. It will also lower your insurance rates. So, although student auto insurance rates can be expensive, there are ways to lower those rates and find cheap insurance.