February 16, 2011

How A Secondary Driver Affects Auto Insurance Rates

This article will discuss how a secondary driver can affect auto insurance rates. A secondary driver is a person other than the primary driver that is legally allowed to drive an insured vehicle. Secondary drivers are many times young people who do not have their own car yet and are driving their parents’ car on occasion. Since auto insurance rates for any type of policy for a teenage driver falls under the most expensive category of insurance in existence, several parents elect to choose the option of having a secondary driver on a policy for a son or daughter that has just received their driver’s license.

There will definitely be a higher premium when you decide to add another driver to your policy and the exact amount of this increase will vary and depend on the information collected and assessed by the insurance company. Auto insurance rates are commonly very heavily influenced by a person’s age. Another common factor that always affects the rates of anyone’s premium rates is their driving record.

Adding more drivers can end up costing a person a great deal in the long run, if there is accidental damage to their vehicle. It is always an unfortunate incident when someone adds a few people onto their policy, and are then quickly buried in a mountain of bills from the result of someone else’s mistakes.

Going with a secondary driver is usually a good idea as a temporary solution to save some money, or if there is someone that does not use their car very often. If you decide to add a secondary driver onto your insurance policy, and the person is over the age of 25, there should not be a significant increase to your insurance bills. The great thing about the Internet is that these days you can jump online and shop for many different auto insurance quotes for policies that offer a good rate for secondary driver insurance. Although secondary insurance plans are not commonly proudly promoted and heavily advertised by most big name insurance companies, finding insurance on the Internet is still the fastest way to find the policy that you are looking for. Within minutes, you will be able to find out exactly what the numbers will be and you can decide which option to go with for your secondary insurance.

A secondary insurance plan can help to cut cost down if a small group of individuals decided to split the costs of the plan evenly. If this joint venture works out, a secondary insurance plan could be helpful for the long run. This endeavor could end up becoming unsuccessful if it becomes too costly for one person.