February 16, 2011

How A Steering Restraint Can Change Car Insurance Rates

Steering restraints are popular devices that make auto theft more difficult. They’re made of a tough metal material, and they lock a steering wheel in place, impeding a thief’s ability to get away with a car quickly. Statistically speaking, steering restraints are an effective way to prevent car theft and potentially useful devices for all drivers. They keep a car safer, even when parking in high crime areas. However, steering restraints have an added benefit that’s not immediately obvious: they can make it easier for drivers to find low auto insurance rates. This is because auto theft is very expensive for auto insurance providers, and they want to offer preferential rates as an incentive to help drivers avoid auto theft.

There are some exceptions. If you’re not paying for comprehensive auto insurance coverage, then you’re not covered against car theft. Therefore, you probably won’t receive a discount for buying a steering restraint for your vehicle. Most drivers are paying for some form of comprehensive coverage, as this is required by car loan companies when buying a vehicle through a loan or leasing a vehicle. Still, check to see what types of coverage that you’re paying for. There are also a few car insurance companies that don’t offer discounts for steering restraints. Call your insurance agent and ask what your car insurance provider’s policy is and how you can take advantage of it.

Many car insurance companies will offer discounts for anti theft devices other than steering restraints. Passive alarm systems, for instance, often qualify a driver for a discount. However, these are less popular for some drivers, as alarms can be annoying (particularly when they’re set off accidentally in a residential neighborhood). Nevertheless, they’re statistically effective at preventing auto theft, and they’re something to consider if you’re trying to find the lowest auto insurance rates possible. Other types of alarm systems may also be covered depending on the policies of your insurance company. It’s a good idea to speak to a representative of your car insurance company before you invest any money in anti-theft devices to ensure that you’re qualifying for an auto insurance discount by making the purchase.

Other ways that drivers can lower their rates are to ask about other discount programs and to research car insurance quotes online. As steering restraints are fairly inexpensive and easy to use, they’re a great way to dissuade theft without emptying your pocketbook, and the car insurance discount that comes with them makes an obvious choice for many drivers looking to protect their vehicles.