April 12, 2011

What To Know About Adding A Secondary Driver

If you have been driving for awhile, you probably do not need car insurance tips. If your driving record is good, it may be that your car insurance premiums are low already. However, if you get married or decide to add a secondary driver, such as a child or friend, your premiums will definitely be affected.

When you add a secondary driver, your insurance company no longer looks at your driver’s record alone. Now, when computing your premium, it will also consider the secondary driver’s record as well. Any moving violations or accidents that the secondary driver may have will now be included in your yearly car insurance costs.

Another factor the insurance company takes into account is the secondary driver’s age and gender. Male drivers aged 16 to 25 are the highest risk group on the road. Young women are also part of the high risk group. If you are part of that group as well, your premiums will rise. If you belong to another age group that does not have such a high risk associated with it, adding a secondary driver from that age group will increase your premium accordingly. In other words, if you add a secondary driver, your premiums will be shaped by both of your ages.

Even if your secondary driver is only going to drive your car once a month, the premiums will change. The insurance company will still be responsible for whatever happens when the secondary driver is behind the wheel, so even if he or she is only driving for 10 minutes, his or her driving record, driving history and age will have an effect on your policy.

If the secondary driver that you plan to add is still driving on a learner’s permit, your premiums may not be affected at first because you or some other licensed driver will need to be with the secondary driver until he or she has earned a driver’s license. However, once he or she gets a license, be prepared for a significant rise in your rates.

When your insurance company considers your secondary driver, it has to base its rates on the worst case scenario, not the best. In other words, whichever driver is the youngest or has the worst driving record will be the one used to determine the premiums from that point forward.

Car insurance tips used to be a dime a dozen. With the Internet, now they are even more prolific. Check around. You can find some very reputable sites. Run some comparison figures to see where you will find the best deal. Take advantage of whatever free advice you can find and save yourself some money.