May 1, 2011

Best Times Of The Year To Purchase New Auto Insurance Policies

Many drivers wonder about various ways that they can keep their auto insurance policies costing as little as possible, and some have suggested that buying car insurance at a certain point in the year might be beneficial. The idea is that a few predictable factors vary throughout the year, and by looking for an auto insurance quote during a particular time, a driver will take advantage of the overall condition of the car insurance industry.

Seasons certainly affect the car insurance industry in some predictable ways. For instance, each year, the winter brings more car accidents due to snow, sleet, and other bad driving conditions. Cars can also break down in bad weather, which again raises the chances of an incident that would be reported to a car insurance provider. The more traffic incidents that a car insurance company has in its actuarial tables, the higher the average auto insurance quote will be, so many drivers use this as evidence that the best time of the year to buy car insurance is winter.

However, it’s important to note that hundreds of factors affect the car insurance industry and some aren’t very predictable. The overall state of the economy can certainly change the average auto insurance quote, as insurance providers might have more or less money to use to offer new auto insurance policies. What’s more, any variation in the cost of auto insurance due to the weather or the season is probably minor, especially when compared to things like a driver’s record and the type of vehicle that he or she drives. Waiting for a certain season to look for car insurance ultimately makes little sense, especially when drivers could be taking much more effective steps to decrease the cost of their auto insurance policies.

If you’re looking for quality auto insurance policies with low rates, your best bet is to manage your risks and look at insurance quotes before you buy a policy, not to wait for a certain time in the year. Make sure that your car is well maintained and in good condition to decrease the risk of an accident. Talk to your insurance agent and ask about any discounts that your provider offers. Look online for auto insurance quotes every few months. This will help you to spot a great low price for your coverage, regardless of the time of year at which it pops up. Insurance comparison websites make it easy to quickly get quotes from five or six insurance providers, and they’re a driver’s best tool in trying to lock down a low insurance rate in any season.