May 16, 2010

Car Safety Features That Lower Your Auto Insurance Quotes

Car insurance can be very expensive, depending on your driving record, insurance history, and the type of vehicle that you drive. The premiums that we are charged are determined by the above factors as well as the number of claims insurance companies have to pay out. Luckily insurance companies offer auto insurance discounts to drivers to help lower their premiums. When you get auto insurance quotes, advise your insurance agent of any safety features that are present in your vehicle to see if you qualify for auto insurance discounts.

Not many drivers realize that a laminated windshield can help lower your insurance premiums. Lamination helps to keep your windshield in one piece after an accident. It reduces the amount of shattered glass that enters the interior of the vehicle; thus, eliminating possible repairs to upholstery, dashboard, and interior features.

Airbags are a more commonly thought of safety feature. They are designed to deploy in the event of a collision, shielding the driver and passenger’s head and upper body from injury. It lowers the amount of money paid out in bodily injury claims.

Anti-lock braking systems, or ABS, are available in most new vehicles. They help to prevent your wheels from locking up when you apply hard pressure to your brakes. They allow you to control your vehicle easier when you are driving on wet or uneven road surfaces as well as steer around an object in front of you.

Head restraints help to reduce head and neck injuries by supporting your head if you are involved in a collision. As long as they are properly adjusted to each individual, they will help lower the chance of having to file a bodily injury claim through your insurance company.

Many new vehicles come with crumple zones which help to absorb the energy and impact of a collision by redirecting it away from the interior of your vehicle. This action helps to reduce the force of the impact on the driver and passengers in the vehicle.

Electronic stability control is a safety feature that helps to control the movements of your vehicle as you take high-speed turns or while you are driving on wet or slippery roads. It works in conjunction with your ABS to control the braking and steering of your vehicle. Together, these two features can eliminate rollovers.

When you are researching different vehicles to purchase, make sure that you obtain auto insurance quotes before making your final decision. Ask the car dealerships about the safety features that are available on different makes and models. Not only will they help keep you and your passengers safe on each trip, they will help to lower your yearly insurance premiums.