March 2, 2012

Choosing Affordable Automobile Insurance For New Teen Drivers

Millions of parents in the United States are concerned about their children when they approach the driving age. Teenagers are inexperienced behind the wheel and parents know that driving can be unpredictable. Automobile insurance is a good idea for all drivers and some form of coverage is required for all drivers in the US. Parents know that prices for insurance have been on the rise and teen drivers are the most expensive ones to insure. There are several ways that parents and teenagers can help save money when looking for insurance coverage. Teens can save money based on the type of car they drive, the amount of coverage they want, their grades, and other things that insurance companies look at when determining prices.

The first thing that teen drivers should look at when purchasing automobile insurance is the type of car they are looking to insure. Insurance companies charge more to insure cars based on how much the car costs. Newer cars are more expensive to repair or replace than older cars so they will cost more money to insure every month. Sports cars are also more expensive to cover than compact cars or sedans. An American sedan is generally the cheapest type of car to insure because the parts are easily replaced and it is easier to find a repair shop to work on cars made in the country.

The type of coverage is another way teen drivers can cut down on costs when choosing automobile insurance coverage. Liability coverage is usually the cheapest option when insuring a teenager and it is also usually the minimum amount of coverage required by the state government. Liability coverage does not cover the driver that causes a collision. Instead, it simply pays for damages that the driver does to other property and medical bills of people involved. Teenagers also have several options for discounts that insurance companies usually offer to help young drivers keep costs down while driving. One of the most common discounts comes from having good grades. Many insurance companies offer students a discount when they maintain a higher grade point average in high school and college. Insurance companies also usually offer discounts for teenagers who are willing to sit down with their agent and watch a video about driver safety to encourage safe and responsible driving habits.

Choosing affordable automobile insurance is easier when teenagers and their parents shop for quotes online. Insurance web pages help drivers find the best prices by automatically running comparisons. Information is entered into the web page and the page then sends back prices from several insurance companies at the same time. This helps drivers find the right coverage option at the right price.