April 20, 2010

How To Get A Driver Training Discount From Your Insurer

Auto insurance companies offer discounts to those who take driver training courses. They offer driver training courses online and offline. Drivers can save on auto insurance premiums if a driver takes the initiative to take these courses. The certificate that is issued at the conclusion of the course is submitted to the insurance company.

First, a person must get information from his or her auto insurance company on the approved driving courses. The individual needs to call the insurer and request two auto insurance quotes. Each auto insurance quote should be detailed. Individuals should request quotes that show pricing for auto insurance premiums without discounts provided. The second quote should include the pricing with the various discounts applied, if the individual takes driver improvement safety courses. The driver should then request an approved list of providers for the training. It is important to choose from a list of approved providers for the driver safety education. Many of the insurers only recognize certain courses provided from certain schools. A driver should avoid investing in a course that is not approved by the insurer. Attending an unapproved driver safety class can result in wasted time and effort. Again, the insurer will be able to provide you with the resources needed to select a course that meets their requirements.

The driver must attend the accredited course. The driver has to make sure that he or she receives the proper certification at the conclusion of the course to verify attendance. Without it, the driver will have a difficult time getting the auto insurance discount. Once a person has attended an approved driver safety course, the person will be able to request that the discounts be applied to the premium. When the insurer requests a copy of the certification, make sure to submit the previously issued quote received with the quoted discounts. A person should be prepared to submit a valid license, the insurer’s previously issued quote, and a certificate of completion. Upon receipt of the necessary documentation, the discounts are applied to the premium in accordance with their written policies.

Providers of auto insurance offer these discounts to encourage drivers to take additional courses to improve on their driving. Insurers prefer that drivers take the initiative to improve on skills such as defensive driving. This translates to a lower level of risks associated with providing auto insurance to a driver. Auto insurance discounts are given to drivers that take the initiative to take advantage of driver improvement courses. When drivers inquire about auto insurance rates, they can also ask for the specific amount of the auto insurance discounts associated with any courses that they desire to take.