April 25, 2012

Driving Tips To Keep Teens Safe On The Road

Obtaining a driver's license is a teen's way of coming into adulthood. With a license, they are able to take on more responsibility and learn what it means to own and operate a vehicle. Parents also get a chance to see how their teen will handle the open road and handle more responsibility. But not all teens are able to quickly jump into a vehicle and make smart decisions. In fact, many teens end up being involved in an accident, whether it is their fault or that of another driver. That is why it is important to instill as many safety and driving tips as possible in a teen before they are allowed to hit the road. With rising insurance costs, keeping a teen safe on the road is an absolute necessity. Teaching them to be a defensive driver and to always keep their eyes open are just some useful tips.

Being a defensive driver does not necessarily mean that they need to be scared while driving. In fact, being worried or scared constantly can make them more vulnerable to accidents. But it is important that they are always aware of what is going on around them. Although it is not possible to predict the actions and reactions of other drivers, or know what they will do on the road, there are ways to try and avoid an accident. To avoid the rising insurance costs and keep an affordable policy, teens should learn basic ways of avoiding accidents.

Probably the most important tip for a teen to learn when driving is to constantly check their mirrors. That means that they should check both the side view mirrors and the rear view mirror as often as possible without taking their eyes off the road in front of them for too long. Knowing what is around a driver and which cars are where can help keep a teen driver safe. Cars make quick moves so if the teen driver knows where the other drivers are, they can avoid running into them. Head checks should also be a part of their driving arsenal. Blind spots are often the cause of many accidents, so a quick head check before switching lanes is vital. By utilizing all of the mirrors and a head check, teens will know just which car is where, what their speed is, and they can better predict what will happen on the road.

These are just some tips that will help teen drivers be defensive drivers. They should also not use their cell phones when driving or do too many activities when on the road. Cutting down on iPod adjustments and moving around can help keep them safe.