May 22, 2010

How An Extraordinary Medical Coverage Auto Insurance Rider Works

When you have been injured in an auto accident, the only thing on your mind is getting medical assistance to heal. For many types of injuries, this is a reasonable expectation. You will obtain medical care – it may be partially or completely paid for depending on the type of auto insurance policy that you hold – but in time, with patience, perseverance, and payment, you will get better.

But what happens in the instance where you are injured in an automobile crash and such a neat and nice ending is not so clearly in sight? What if you are hospitalized for an extended period of time? What if the crash causes you to be permanently disabled? How will your family and dependents cope? What type of expenses might your family be looking at? Such contemplations may yield valuable insights about the type of auto insurance policy that works best for you and your family. This is why, when gathering auto insurance quotes, it is always a good idea to inquire into adding on what is called extraordinary medical coverage. This coverage works like an extended personal injury policy, protecting you if a crash incident causes you to need extended hospitalization or even if you are for some reason rendered permanently disabled.

Extraordinary medical coverage is an optional policy that you can purchase as an adjunct benefit to existing first party benefits or personal injury protection plans. The coverage is usually not available unless you have also elected to include a first party medical benefit clause in your insurance policy. Extraordinary coverage lays dormant until you have exhausted all available coverage under your normal and reasonable coverage policy. For example, let’s say that your normal coverage for medical care due to an auto accident allows you $100,000 worth of coverage. At some point during your care it becomes clear that you are going to need more care than $100,000 will cover. If you have elected to include an extraordinary medical coverage benefit in your policy, then at the moment your care needs hit $100,001, this additional benefit will kick in and continue to cover your medical claims. When you are gathering your auto insurance quotes, be sure to ask about maximum limits on extraordinary coverage. Many companies will offer up to $1 million in extraordinary coverage.

While you may never need to call in the Calvary of extraordinary coverage, if you do find yourself in this situation, there is no substitute for the level of comprehensive care that this optional benefit can provide. The peace of mind for you and your family may be worth any incidental increases in monthly policy premiums that adding this rider to your policy may incur.