January 18, 2010

Finding Affordable Insurance For Your Muscle Car

Muscle cars are irresistible. Even in this age of fuel efficiency and aerodynamics, the muscle cars of the seventies and eighties are still classic examples of car design at its finest. The roar and power of the engine, the shape of the body and the sheer excitement of driving a muscle car all make these vehicles fun to own. They bring enjoyment to drivers, but can put a dent in you wallet when going for an auto insurance policy. This makes finding affordable muscle car insurance important. Muscle cars are built for speed, which is why insurance coverage for them is so expensive. There is a direct relationship to the horsepower of a car and the amount of damage it can cause in an accident. The heavy weight of muscle cars also makes them more likely to do a lot of damage. Most car insurance companies consider these factors and charge high rates for policies on such cars. But a muscle car owner that takes the time to shop around and think ahead can find an affordable auto insurance quote for his or her muscle car.

This first thing to do is call your regular life or home insurance carrier for an auto insurance quote on you car. A company that already profits from the policies you buy will be much easier to bargain with on insurance rates. Your clean driving record can also go a long way in convincing the company to give you a good deal or a discount. Even if your driving record is not perfect, or you don’t already have an established insurance company, you can still seek out a specialty car insurance company.

In fact, an entire industry has sprouted around muscle car insurance. There are companies that only offer policies for fast or high-end cars. You can find these companies online and read all about the coverage you can buy for your muscle car. Locate three companies and get an auto insurance quote from each one to make sure you are getting the best deal. Take a minute to check out the company’s rating to make sure they will be around to pay a claim if an accident should happen.

There will be certain factors that can cause problems for muscle car insurance buyers, even with a specialty company. Find out about any annual mileage limits, coverage for spare parts, vehicle repair insurance or stated value coverage. Before you actually buy the policy, make sure you have the change to read a copy carefully first. By following these guidelines, you will be able to find a policy that covers the special needs of your muscle car at an affordable rate.