October 6, 2010

Finding Auto Insurance For International Students

International students intending to drive a vehicle must have an auto insurance policy. Since most students are on a budget, any accident, however minor, will result in many expenses. Finding auto insurance quotes that suit your budget can be tricky but the following points can be helpful in selecting the right one.

The first requisite is a valid international driver's license. Also, ensure that the license expires only about 6 months after you leave the country to get a good auto insurance quote. Many companies will want at least 3 years of driving experience in the US. Since most international students will have little or no experience driving in the States, their auto insurance quotes are likely to go up and they might end up paying more for less coverage.

Factors such as your age, gender, driving record, vehicle accident history can make a difference to the quote. So, it is better to find and compare quotes of different insurance companies and select the one that suits you best. While liability which covers passengers or property that is damaged by your vehicle, is the minimum requirement, there are other coverages also available. Bodily injury covers any physical injury you might have caused others, collision covers any accident with another car, or parking meter or stationary object and comprehensive covers you in case someone steals your car or something in it or your car gets weather damage.

Not only your age, but the age of your vehicle is also important when choosing an insurance plan. Older vehicles are usually only insured for liability, since it is better to replace rather than repair the vehicle in most cases. Newer cars need more insurance as it is the other way round with them–repairing is cheaper than buying another new one.

A fixed rate is better than a variable one. Some companies let international students sign up for a year or so, where the rates do not vary. This is beneficial, because even if you have an accident during that time, the rates do not change. The longer the period you sign on, the better it is.

Proof that you have not had any accident in the last 18-36 months will go a long way in getting the best auto insurance quote. Carrying all papers pertaining to driving and the vehicle when you go to apply for insurance will cut down on waiting time.

The amount of coverage should be fair and not hiked because you are only temporarily in the country. International students will have to do a little research to find companies that will give them the right auto insurance quote within their budget.