January 8, 2011

Finding Auto Insurance Rates That Make Sense For City Drivers

Auto insurance rates are different for city drivers than for rural drivers. Several elements of driving in the city can cause insurance rates to be higher in more metropolitan areas. City drivers should consider their driving environment when they shop for car insurance.

Stop and Go Traffic

Most cities have stop lights every mile or two on every major thoroughfare. Idling and accelerating over and over again can cause a great deal of wear and tear on your car’s motor. City drivers need to find insurance that will help them maintain their vehicles so that they can stop them from wearing out so quickly. Anyone who drives in the city needs to consider carrying a comprehensive insurance policy that covers regular maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations. Properly maintaining your car will keep it on the road longer and help counteract some of the detrimental factors of city driving.

Congested Highways

Auto insurance rates for people who need to travel crowded highways regularly can be higher than the rates offered to people who avoid highway driving. The high speeds and congestion on a major city highway can lead to more severe accidents than you would experience on a slower city street. City drivers who expect to spend a lot of time on the highway need to find insurance coverage that provides the best rates for the most amount of coverage. The majority of vehicles involved in highway accidents are too damaged to be repaired, so a good replacement policy can be beneficial.

Higher Crime Rates

In general, city drivers are exposed to higher crime rates than rural drivers. If you live in a large city, you may want to consider purchasing a car insurance policy that covers theft and vandalism. It may cost a little more to carry the extra coverage, but it will still be cheaper than covering a car replacement or repair out of your own pocket. Online crime statistic sites can help you decide if this type of coverage is the best thing for you. Be sure to look at the type of crime as well as the amount of crime. Theft and vandalism are the most damaging crimes for car owners.

Fewer Miles

Some city drivers do not drive their vehicles very often. If you live in a large city that has excellent public transportation, you may only need to drive on rare occasions. If you do not drive very many miles in a year, you could qualify for substantial discounts on your auto insurance rates. Keeping your car off the road can save you money because you are less likely to be involved in an accident if you are not behind the wheel.