May 31, 2011

Finding Cheap Auto Insurance While Looking For A Job

Being unemployed can be difficult and frustrating, and due to the current state of the economy, more and more drivers are finding themselves unemployed for at least brief periods of time. For the unemployed car insurance buyers, car insurance rates can be a particularly serious issue. Most unemployed drivers need their vehicles to drive to job interviews and to get around town, but they also need cheap auto insurance policies that they can afford to pay until they're able to get another job. There are a few ways that unemployed drivers can keep their insurance rates as low as possible by managing their coverage limits and deductibles, asking about insurance discounts, and by comparing insurance rates online for the least expensive policies possible.

One of the most obvious ways to get cheap auto insurance while between jobs is to change aspects of an insurance policy such as coverage limits and deductibles. Policies with low coverage limits are less expensive, of course, but they also provide less protection, so most drivers try to avoid buying the bare legal minimum amounts of coverage. However, it can make sense to skim back on coverage limits while unemployed. Most unemployed drivers spend less time in their vehicles than they might have spent while then they had jobs, because they're commuting far less. Some unemployed drivers may barely use their vehicles at all, as job hunting can be largely accomplished online. Drivers who spend less time on the road can afford to pay for less coverage, as their chances of an accident are lower. The best areas to cut back on are collision and comprehensive coverage, although it's always important for unemployed car insurance buyers to consider what they could afford in an accident. It's best to try to stay at least partially protected, even when spending less time than usual on the road.

Discounts are another way to find cheap auto insurance. Unemployed drivers might have the time to take a defensive driving class, which can be cheap or free in some areas and results in a hefty car insurance discount of 20 percent or more. Most auto insurance companies offer a wide variety of discounts, so calling and simply asking about discount programs is a great way to quickly get some relief from high auto insurance prices.

Finally, every unemployed driver should look online for insurance rates. Comparing auto insurance quotes only takes a few minutes, but the savings can be monumental. Switching insurance companies while between jobs can help to keep monthly bills low and can allow unemployed drivers to focus on finding jobs rather than worrying about their car insurance bills.