April 7, 2011

Finding Great Auto Insurance Quotes For Imported And Specialty Vehicles

Imported and specialty vehicles can be more expensive, but for many drivers, they are worth the extra money. Because of their greater power and luxury, they often have higher auto insurance quotes and repair bills. Fortunately, there are a number of ways for drivers to get cheap auto insurance premiums, even if they drive imported and specialty vehicles that may be seen by car insurance companies as a higher insurance risk.

The most important thing is to remember is that auto insurance quotes are higher for imported and specialty vehicles because they have a higher chance of being involved in certain types of accidents or claims. Expensive imported vehicles may be more susceptible to theft. If a driver owns a vehicle with a high theft rate, he can often find cheaper auto insurance quotes by installing anti-theft alarms and devices. Depending on insurance company policies, a permanently installed anti-theft system usually qualifies a driver for a discount.

Expensive vehicles may also have higher insurance quotes because any accident would yield a relatively high insurance claim. A driver could lower his coverage to counteract this, but this tactic is dangerous because it could result in huge costs if there is an insurance claim at a later date. A better option is to look online for cheap auto insurance. While one insurance provider may charge more for a certain imported vehicle, another insurer may specialize in coverage for the vehicle and offer better rates as a result. The best way to check is to look at auto insurance quotes from several major insurance providers online. Quotes can vary for imported and specialty vehicles, so doing research on their costs is a good idea for any driver concerned about insurance premiums.

In most cases, an import driver will be able to find sufficiently low auto insurance quotes by researching online and by understanding the risks that his car poses to an auto insurance provider. As a final means of lowering costs, a driver can contact an insurance provider and ask about special discount programs, such as safe driver discounts. While a driver may have to take a driving course to qualify, this can be well worth the time because these discounts can be worth hundreds of dollars per year. Those savings can be applied to the other costs of specialty vehicles, so safe driver discounts are a great option for import drivers, especially when combined with comparison shopping and other discounts that providers might offer.