August 3, 2009

Five Tips for Reducing Your Auto Insurance

Reducing your auto insurance can help take the financial stress out of other areas of your household budget. Small monetary amounts that you save each month are important. Many consumers may not realize that they are missing out on valuable discounts simply because they do not take the time to search for lower auto insurance rates. Here are five tips for reducing your auto insurance bill.

Time is often a factor. Calling an auto insurance company by phone is an option. However, technological advances through online services make it easy to search the rates of numerous auto insurance providers quickly.

Another way to save additional money on your auto insurance is to take the time to answer individual, personal questions. If you’re requesting an online auto insurance quote, then you may be tempted to quickly answer the questions without thoroughly reading or answering truthfully. These questions are designed to find out more about your lifestyle, personal, and professional affiliations.

There are specific discounts for auto insurance available to certain members of groups. These organizations could be non-profit organizations, alumni, or other local affiliations. If you are asking for an auto insurance quote over the phone or online, then look for questions that ask about your personal life.

Discounts are available to certain employers. Always ask specifically about your employer. Military members, both active full time and those on reservist duty, may qualify. Military families with a member deployed may be able to receive additional discounts or service perks. Non-paid volunteer work may also be given a discount. This may work if you’re volunteering regularly for the school district, hospital, or local shelter that is on the list of discounted employers.

Teenagers or adults that have received traffic tickets, parking violations, or speeding tickets can take education courses. These classes can reduce monthly auto insurance rates. Ask your current auto insurance provider which courses need to be taken. Most cities have defensive driving classes. Your insurance provider may be able to refer you to an online class if you're not near an institution, or it does not fit your work schedule.

If you have a high school or college student, take steps each semester to help lower their insurance costs. Many insurance companies offer discounts for receiving high grades or perfect attendance. Follow the exact instructions given on how to send in proof of their grades and attendance.

Taking additional time to complete an auto insurance quote is the only way to truly lower your insurance rate. Contact the auto insurance company periodically to see if they have any additional programs that you qualify for to receive a reduced auto insurance price. If you'd like to lower your insurance rates as soon as possible, take time to ask the right questions.