January 10, 2020

Getting Car Insurance After Several Minor Accidents

One or two minor accidents might not persuade your insurance company to bump up your insurance premiums by a great deal. But continue a pattern of small mishaps and you could find getting car insurance a more difficult, and expensive, process. Some states, in fact, let an insurer cancel policies of drivers who are involved in as few as three minor accidents. Some insurance companies do offer “accident forgiveness” to policyholders. But that normally covers just a first accident, and might be available only to long-time customers.

Alcohol involved accidents, even if minor ones, get special scrutiny from insurers. Those accidents are guaranteed to force premiums up, and can even make getting car insurance a real hassle. Every insurance company has its own methods for gauging the risk involved when it comes to offering coverage to potential clients. They examine driving history, accident claims and other items to determine the rates for policyholders. It doesn’t take genius to recognize that drivers with the fewest black marks will get the best offers.

Many people don’t realize that a single accident is enough to change their status with an insurance company. What you might see as a fender-bender can create large payouts for your insurance company. If your insurer doesn’t offer accident forgiveness, you can count on having to pay higher premiums as the insurance company seeks to trim its losses. A great number of insurance companies add a 10 percent surcharge to your premiums for the next two to five years, based on the magnitude of the accident.

A few states don’t allow insurance companies to raise premiums following a first accident. This rule applies only to minor accidents, and where the policyholder was not found to be at fault. Check with your state’s department of transportation to get the facts regarding what insurance companies are allowed to do if an accident should occur.

Much of what you need to know about minor accidents can be found on the Internet. Insurance companies will answer questions online about their accident policies, and you can compare those answers to help decide which insurer provides you the best coverage. Don’t expect that a history of minor accidents won’t matter to a new insurer – expect larger car insurance quotes. Insurance companies operate with a strict formula for determining premium costs, and aren’t willing to deviate from their guidelines. You should sign on with an insurer who offers the best support in the event of an accident. The final say regarding your car insurance premiums rests with you. Clean up your driving record, drive safely and don’t drink and drive.