May 28, 2011

Getting The Best Auto Insurance Quote For A Used Truck

A used truck can be a very useful vehicle, but insurance rates can be high for some drivers. While trucks are on average safer than many types of cars, they can be expensive, which means higher than average rates for collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Used truck auto insurance can be especially expensive for drivers with a few tickets on their records. Fortunately, any driver can find lower insurance quotes with the right tactics, and this certainly extends to drivers with used trucks. There are a few key things to keep in mind when shopping for insurance for these vehicles.

The first is that auto insurance companies reward safety. Trucks aren't necessarily the safest vehicles, but some newer trucks have side airbags and other safety features that can help drivers get discounts from their auto insurance providers. Used truck owners should carefully check all of their vehicle's safety features and contact their insurance companies to ask about discounts. If a used truck is especially expensive, it might also be a good idea to have a car alarm installed, particularly if the vehicle is regularly parked in an area where auto crime is an issue. Despite their reputation as loud annoyances, car alarms can significantly reduce the chances of auto theft, and insurance companies are certainly aware of this fact. Many insurance providers offer a discount of 10 percent or more for used truck owners who install anti-theft devices. Other discounts for used truck auto insurance are often available, so truck owners should ask their insurance companies about homeowner discounts, safe driver discounts, and other programs that might yield lower than average insurance premiums.

Another way to get cheaper used truck auto insurance is to look for insurance quotes. Insurance quotes are useful because the car insurance market is one of the most competitive markets imaginable, even when compared to other types of insurance. Drivers can use this competition by looking for insurance rates regularly and choosing the lowest possible rate for the coverage that they need. Used truck owners may benefit significantly from comparison shopping, as used vehicles in general and trucks in particular have widely varied insurance rates. A good tactic is to collect a minimum of five insurance quotes and to read through each quote to check coverage limits. The least expensive policy from a major insurer may provide savings of hundreds of dollars per year for the truck owner.

Truck owners can keep their rates down by shopping intelligently and by looking for insurance quotes on a regular basis. While trucks can be expensive to insure, any vehicle's premiums can be cut through a combination of discounts and smart shopping.