May 16, 2010

How A Good Student Discount Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Quote

Being a parent with a teenager who is a new driver is stressful on many levels. Beyond the worries of safety, parents also have an additional monetary worry as they look for low auto insurance quotes for the new drivers in the family. This can be an expensive addition to an automobile policy.

Choosing an insurance company that offers a good student discount is an excellent way to get a lower rate.

Independent nonprofit research institutes have shown over and over that teenager drivers are 25% more likely to be involved in an accident. Statistically, they spend less time driving than most other age groups, but the number of crashes (and associated fatalities) is much higher.

Driving is a crucial skill that is necessary for most people to take a full and active part in modern society. Unfortunately, getting auto insurance coverage for a teenager driver is a pricey undertaking.

How can a parent find low auto insurance quotes for a child who falls into this statistically significant age group? Based on research studies, even finding coverage would seem impossible.

Amazingly enough, it is the large insurance companies that have done their research and have found a direct correlation between a teenager with good grades and a reduction in car accidents.

This realization made a good student discount possible. Students who consistently maintain a pattern of good grades have also been shown to be more responsible. This sense of responsibility is carried over into their driving safety habits and less risky behaviors.

Most major insurance companies offer good student discounts. Not all are created equal, so it is crucial for a parent to find out several specific things when they start looking for coverage for their student drivers.

First of all, what age range is covered by the policy? Some insurance companies offer policies that are age-dependent, regardless of whether the driver is a good student or not.

Secondly, what documentation is required in order to obtain a good student discount? It isn’t enough for a parent to state that their son or daughter makes good grades; they’ll need to back it up. Many high schools have a special form they can provide to the parent. For college students, copies of transcripts are often sufficient. The definition of ‘good student’ will also vary from company to company.

Learning to drive is one of the true highlights of any person’s life, and is one of the most important steps to being independent. With a little research, parents can find just the right policy that will provide excellent coverage at an affordable price. Student discounts can strongly influence the overall cost of a policy, so it’s worthwhile to do this research.