August 31, 2011

How A Car Insurance Appraiser Can Protect A Driver In A Car Insurance Claim

During a standard car insurance claim, an insurer may insist on a professional car insurance appraisal. Appraisals are performed by insurance companies' employees. During the appraisal, a mechanic will assess the damage to a vehicle, providing the driver with an objective, accurate analysis of the damage sustained in an accident or another type of car insurance claim. The appraiser will look at all of a car's crucial systems to determine what repairs should cost and will also note any damage to a vehicle that didn't occur in the accident or even which led to the claim. Appraisals can be extremely useful for drivers in a variety of situations.

There are a few ways in which a car insurance appraisal can protect a driver. A car insurance appraisal sets the value of a vehicle, and this can be particularly important when a driver needs to make a total loss car insurance claim. Total loss claims are filed when the value of a vehicle is less than the cost of the necessary repairs to get that vehicle back on the road. A high car insurance appraisal can prevent a vehicle from being declared a total loss, while a low car insurance appraisal may make a total loss claim easier. In any case, appraisal establishes a fair value for a vehicle that can be used to determine whether a total loss claim is necessary.

Drivers can also establish the value of permanently installed equipment in their vehicles through a car insurance appraisal. If a driver has an expensive stereo, an in-dash GPS or other valuable equipment, a car insurance appraisal provides a sort of protection for this equipment when the driver needs to make a collision or comprehensive insurance coverage claim. However, it's important to note that some car insurance appraisals will only focus on the value of a vehicle and the damage to said vehicle. Drivers should ask their insurance companies whether additional equipment will be appraised before a car insurance appraisal takes place.

Car insurance appraisal experts aren't usually biased and can spot damage that an average mechanic might miss. They have an interest in fairly assessing the damage to a vehicle and can provide a valuable, unbiased opinion. Drivers who are worried that their mechanics are reporting damage unfairly might benefit the most from car insurance appraisals, as they can get tremendous peace of mind and a fair value that can be used when submitting a car insurance claim. The right appraisal can make a big difference in getting an appropriate amount of money from an insurance company and can be a useful tool for any driver.