October 9, 2011

How Age Affects The Cost Of Auto Insurance

Your auto insurance rate takes in consideration various factors. Age and driving experience are two of these factors. They have the potential to affect the cost of auto insurance.

Both of these personal factors play an important role for a reason. They can give insurance companies some information about the risk undertaken. Though age is not the single important criterion, it can affect the cost of auto insurance seriously.

Teenagers are generally considered a high risk group, and the auto insurance rate for this age group tends to be higher for people who are slightly older and already settled down. This decision is based on statistics, and the figures never lie.

According to statistics, many car accidents in the United States are caused by teenagers and inexperienced drivers. This is simple to understand. Young people are still incapable of fully controlling the vehicle. In addition, their mindset differs from the thinking of a middle-aged person.

Teens are more likely to make risky decisions and to act impulsively. It is understandable that the auto insurance rate for a teenager will be more expensive.

Age is considered together with the driving history. If a young person has impeccable record and no violations, the insurance premium is likely to go down. Age is thus an important criterion but not the single determining factor.

As people grow older, they gain more experience and they tend to become more cautious. This driving pattern leads to lower prices and even discounts that insurance companies offer to people aged 25 or older.

Statistics once again provide information about the importance of age on the road. People in the age group from 40 to 50 have the fewest number of car accidents. Insurance companies are more likely to decrease the price for people in that category.

It is essential to know that driving style is more important than age or gender. Following the rules and trying to keep out of trouble is the best way to guarantee the availability of inexpensive car insurance rates. It is also important in terms of personal safety and well-being.

The trend gets reversed for drivers aged 50 and older. These people belong to a high risk group once again. Auto insurance rates tend to get expensive once again for senior drivers. Medical conditions deprive many senior drivers of the chance to have impeccable record.

The auto insurance rate is calculated on the basis of a complex formula. It tends to differ from one insurance company to another. Some companies will charge young drivers more, while others will have discounts available for this age group. Examining and comparing various offers is essential in order to discover the perfect opportunity.