December 11, 2010

How An At Fault Accident Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

Are you one of the legion of individuals in America who is looking for auto insurance with an at fault accident under your belt? Find out how an at fault accident can affect your auto insurance rates by continuing to read this article.

So you are struggling to find a decent rate on car insurance because you have recently totaled your car and you are unsure where you stand. Even if this was your first accident, unfortunately the fact is that your auto insurance rates are going to go up. You are now considered by your insurance company to be a much greater risk for future accidents and will be put in a different category as far as rates are concerned. If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a few more accidents you should be prepared to be dropped entirely by your insurance company. So what do you do after an accident?

Any driver that is involved in accidents will acquire points on their permanent record. Therefore, the amount of insurance companies that are willing to insure you will become less. By looking for insurance companies which specifically advertise auto insurance policies for drivers with a less than perfect driving record, you will be closer to finding the best rates available. It would be wise to do a web search for high risk car insurance or nonstandard car insurance in order for companies who specialize in dealing with people who have had problems on the road.

Another option for a person with points on their record who is looking for the lowest rates for their auto insurance is to find a group plan. Group auto insurance policies are commonly designed for companies and organizations. Since group auto insurance plans are generally much more affordable, your rate increase after one or two accidents will not be as significant.

Car insurance for people with accidents and people under the age of 25 is extremely high. By comparing rates in order to determine your best course of action, you will be able to find the best auto insurance policy that is available to you. Do not think that because you have been in one accident that you should swiftly accept the first offer for car insurance that comes your way. You still have options and if you continue to be a safe driver and avoid accidents in the future, eventually your points can be removed and your insurance rates will be back to normal.

Save a boatload of money by being smart and taking time to explore websites to find the most affordable rates. Insurance companies understand that we all make mistakes and one accident is forgivable in the long run.