November 20, 2010

How Auto Insurance Companies Try To Avoid Customer Policy Cancellation

Do you ever wonder why an auto insurance company tries to avoid a customer's request for a policy cancellation? This is simply because the auto insurance company does not want to lose you to one of their many competitors. When you call your auto insurance company and request a policy cancellation, you might be transferred to an agent that specializes in assessing your current situation by asking you why you would like to cancel. If you continue to remain persistent and if you are determined to move forward with a policy cancellation, the insurance company should then be very helpful with cancelling your policy. They should then issue you a prompt refund check, and then possibly provide a series of follow up letters that will let you know that they value your business and would like you to consider purchasing a new policy. This is because the auto insurance companies know that no matter what the reason was for you cancellation, you will probably still require car insurance from someone in the future.

An auto insurance company might even attempt to offer you discounts or incentives right before you cancel your policy. Since different insurance companies may have different techniques of handling this particular scenario, it is difficult to predict what approach your insurance company might decide to take. A person that has been a long term customer of an auto insurance company may experience a prolonged gap in their period of cancelation along with added complications. Before the cancellation has taken affect, this person might decide to change their mind in canceling their policy because it was too difficult.

Auto insurance companies are continuously trying to improve business, and the information that a company obtains from a policy holder that wishes to cancel will usually be evaluated and the person's concerns will be taken into consideration if they decided to cancel because the policy was too expensive or not right for their situation. Prolonged cancellation policies are used often by auto insurance companies and it is important to understand what provisions your insurance provider might have in store for you. If you do not cancel your policy correctly, you may be continuously charged and your policy coverage might continue without your knowledge.

There are many avenues that must be covered when canceling your auto insurance policy. You must select the date in which your policy is to be terminated, if you have an automated electronic debit set up which removes funds from your account you must also make arrangements on your own to discontinue this service. Don't think that if you simply stop paying, your policy will promptly seize.