September 14, 2019

How Auto Insurance Deals With Pets In A Vehicle During An Accident

Auto insurance is meant to protect drivers from financial and personal losses and damages that may be sustained during a motor vehicle accident. Damages to another party’s vehicle or injuries to others are two of the most important things that are covered by a basic auto insurance policy. One of the things that many people do not think about is injuries or deaths to pets that may be present in a vehicle at the time of an accident. Many people consider their pets to me members of their family and if they are injured, this can be a devastating blow to a pet owner.

Medical expenses can be astronomical for people and also for pets. X-rays, diagnostic tests, surgery, and vet stays can run hundreds or thousands of dollars in veterinary bills. Although many people treat their pets like members of their family, these expenses can sometimes be unaffordable and many must make the heartbreaking choice of having a beloved animal euthanized.

Not every auto insurance company offers pet insurance in conjunction with collision coverage. Collision is normally an optional car insurance product that can be purchased. It will cover damages to your own vehicle if you are involved in a collision with another vehicle, object, or person, regardless of fault. Policies can vary and will offer different limits and deductibles. Some policies will offer pet injury coverage for little or no additional premium.

Many insurance companies will require drivers to carry liability insurance, which covers damages to another person’s vehicle or personal property as well as injuries to any other driver, pedestrian, or passenger. Pet insurance will also kick in if the other party has a cat or dog in their vehicle and your actions cause the pet to be injured or killed. Otherwise, you may be held liable for paying any vet expenses out of pocket. These costs can be very expensive, especially if the pet is a rare breed or a purebred animal.

If you are a pet owner and you are concerned about the health and welfare of your pet if it should be injured in a car accident, you will want to discuss pet coverage with your auto insurance agent. This way, your pet will be covered for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision up to a certain limit. Even if the insurance doesn’t cover the entire amount of the vet bill, it will take care of a large portion; making the bill more affordable to pay off out of pocket. When you shop around for auto insurance quotes, compare the pet coverages that are offered, including the coverage limits, deductibles, and exclusions.