September 2, 2010

How Auto Insurance Premiums Can Be Lowered For Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicle owners pay more for their vehicles than most private individuals. However, it’s always possible to find lower auto insurance premiums, and this is especially true for commercial vehicles. By manipulating your insurance, looking for special discounts and taking the time to look at various quotes for your vehicles, you can greatly reduce the cost of your commercial vehicle insurance without putting your business at risk.

The first thing that you’ll need to do to get the best insurance quote possible is to assess your insurance needs accurately. This starts with figuring out how much coverage you’ll actually need. In general, it’s a good idea to opt for higher liability coverage for commercial insurance than you’d get for a private vehicle. This will raise quotes, but you can often push them back down by taking advantage of special insurance offers for commercial vehicles. For example, low mileage discounts are often easier to get with a commercial vehicle, or if you’re not planning on using the vehicle year-round, it may be possible to get seasonal insurance that automatically lowers coverage levels in your “off” season. It’s a good idea to talk to a trustworthy insurance agent to try to find special discounts, but realize that insurance discounts will vary between providers.

As with any type of vehicle, it’s helpful to get multiple insurance quotes on commercial vehicles to get the lowest possible auto insurance premiums. Looking at a few quotes (and taking the time to read through them) will help you understand some of the key differences between insurance for commercial vehicles and insurance for private vehicles. You can use online aggregate websites to look at several insurance quotes for your vehicles at the same time, but be sure that they’re specifically set up for commercial vehicles. Remember, looking at private insurance quotes won’t do you any good, so don’t waste your time. Look for accurate quotes from dependable websites, and be ready to call insurance agents from the companies that you’re considering if you have any questions at all.

Your auto insurance premiums will be much more manageable if you review them every six months or so and switch insurers when necessary. Business owners who have several company cars can also get special fleet vehicle programs from their insurance company, and there may be other special deals available to you. The important thing is to do research and ask agents for their best tips. You’ll be able to get a great commercial car insurance policy once you modify your policy to fit your needs, and that starts by knowing exactly what your options are.