August 13, 2010

How Ceiling Mounted TV Screens Can Affect Your Auto Insurance

As vehicles become more technologically advanced, a number of new features have emerged. These include things such as heated seats, power points for mobile devices and in-ceiling televisions and DVD players. While these new options are often value-added features advertised heavily by car dealerships, what many consumers do not realize is the effect that these options can have on auto insurance quotes. In some cases, newer features, such as traction control or tire-pressure sensing options can lower the price of car insurance premiums. In others, these features will actually make auto insurance quotes more expensive than the baseline. Auto insurance for TV screens can do either, depending on the circumstances.

A basic DVD player or television mounted between the back seats of a car should not increase or decrease the price of auto insurance quotes, but position can sometimes affect price. If a car contains a TV mounted between the front seats, it may be more expensive to insure based simply on the fact that the forward screens may cause drivers to be distracted and/or may cause a greater number of accidents. By using statistical analysis, companies will determine if television placement will result in greater, lower, or unchanged accident rates, and will adjust quotes accordingly.

Auto insurance for TV screens in cars can result an increase or decrease in overall rates depending on the nature of the installation. If the TV came stock with the vehicle from the dealership, then insurance companies will know its value and installation costs based on the price listing for the car. If, however, the TV is installed after the car has been purchased, it may result in an insurance quote increase based on the fact that the stock price and installation procedures for the TV were unknown. Insurance quotes can also increase based simply on the value of replacing the television itself. Not all policies will include the value of a television as a part of their replacement coverage should it be damaged or stolen, and customers would do well to check with their insurance provider to determine exactly what kind of coverage needs to be added in order to full protect an in-car television or DVD system.

Although auto insurance companies are doing their best to keep up with a changing online and technologically advancing market, there are some areas, such as automobile features, that the insurance companies still lag behind on. When it comes to electronics in vehicles, especially TV or DVD systems, it is important for consumers to understand what their particular system means in terms of price difference for their auto insurance quote. This is best done by contacting their insurance company to learn what effect their system will have.